Students Effect on Productivity Across Multiple Settings

March 1, 2020 0

A recent retrospective study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy examined the effect of students on productive in multiple practice settings (Outpatient Ortho, Outpatient Neuro, Inpatient Rehab and Acute Care).  The data was collected over a three year time-frame at an academic medical center, and included 148 students from 26 different universities with clinical experiences ranging in length from 4 weeks to 24 weeks in duration.  The researchers found that productivity is either improved or unaffected by the presence of a student.  Additionally, the increased productivity does not come at the expense of reduced productivity for therapists who did not have a student.  The most significant increases in productivity occurred in Outpatient Ortho and Inpatient Rehab, with a slight trend towards increased productivity in Outpatient Neuro.

Effects of Student Physical Therapists on Clinical Instructor Productivity Across Settings in an Academic Medical Center

Full text of the article can be accessed through membership in the American Physical Therapy Association.

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