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July 16, 2017 0

ELC is quickly approaching. The CCEC has been able to support attendance of 1-2 members historically and we plan to do so again this year. Awardees will be expected to attend the National Consortium of Clinical Educators business meeting on Thursday, October 12th from 1-5 PM. This is held the day before the ELC conference. This year’s theme is “Through the Looking Glass: Transforming Physical Therapy Education”.

Attached is the application form for those seeking financial support to attend the Education Leadership Conference (and NCCE meeting) from October 12th– 15th , 2017 in Columbus Ohio. All applications are due by Friday, August 4th. Applications will be reviewed considering availability of funds and bylaws. The scholarship awardees will be selected by the Executive Committee and will be notified by August 18th.

With gratitude for your willingness to support clinical education!

CCEC Prof Develop Application for Support – ELC 2017

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